TRULY IN LOVE Ashlea and Jarrad

Jarrad and  Ashlea first met back in 2010 at the Perth NAIDOC Ball. Jarrad will try and say it was love at first sight for him however they were both in different stages of their lives back then and their love story wasn’t meant to begin straight away. It was actually thier work place that made them cross paths again back in 2012 but it still took us another 3 years for their friendship to escalate in to something more. In 2015 the family of Ashlea went through the most tragic time due to the loss of her sister and it was actually during this time that she realised she was truely in love with Jarrad. He was there for her through it all and never left her side and she will be forever grateful for that she says… She says she also owe it to Jarrad for always believing we weren’t only meant to be friends and he really did fight for what he believed was meant to be. Thier love story has been an absolute rollercoaster ride but they say they wouldn’t have it any other way. We thank Kalimagezi limmited and it manahement for telling our story and covering the events.

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